QML: a packagers nightmare. Assistance please.

Kai Uwe Broulik kde at privat.broulik.de
Wed Nov 8 12:18:11 GMT 2023

(forgot to cross-post kde-devel/distributions)


that WorkspaceComponents is used for a ShadowedLabel which is literally 
one QML file with a Label and a DropShadow. KWin could just not use that 
(and build its own) and we’d resolve the issue.


Kai Uwe
 >  From what I am seeing this patch causes KWin to import a qml module 
that lives
 > in plasma-workspace
 > import org.kde.plasma.workspace.components 2.0 as WorkspaceComponents
 > At the same time plasma-workspace build depends on KWin due to the 
need of the
 > DBus xml files.
 > So the situation right now is that plasma-workspace build depends on 
KWin and
 > KWin has a runtime dependency on plasma-workspace.
 > I think it's not a full cycle since installing plasma-workspace does 
not need
 > anything from KWin but maybe it can cause problems for distributions?
 > David

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