KDE/C++ Code Summarization using LLM

tm243 at yahoo.de tm243 at yahoo.de
Mon May 8 17:09:07 BST 2023

Hi KDE developers,
I created a small dataset of code-description pairs of KDE/C++ code to see how a language model (LLM) can be used to describe KDE code. I fine-tuned a T5 model with this data, and the results are promising. The model is open-source and can run on a laptop.
However, the model's accuracy would significantly improve with a larger dataset. Therefore, I would like to invite anyone who is interested to add to the dataset. You can find the model and a link to the dataset here: https://github.com/tm243/CodeT5-KDE
Please note that this project is still in its early stages and the results may not be accurate in all cases.
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