Part-time KDE sabbatical, feedback or guidance appreciated (but no pressure)

Joshua Goins josh at
Mon May 8 03:11:48 BST 2023

Welcome back to KDE! Yes, involving yourself in bug reports is in my opinion 
the best way to get started, especially if you want to orient yourself with 
the gargantuan codebase of KDE.

> I'd also be interested in having something like the mouse button mapping UIs
> that Windows users get from their mouse manufacturer, enabling remapping of
> mouse buttons not just to keys but also to modify other mouse (or keyboard)
> behaviors while pressed. With Wayland it can be app-/window-specific too, I
> think. And of course it would be a good selling point that hey, *any* mouse
> can have all the features as opposed to being tied to the driver and
> manufacturer. Some changes to KWin will likely be required to power the
> configured mapping in practice. Ultimately this kind of configuration UI
> should be part of in System Settings.

This already exists in some capacity - you can remap extra mouse buttons in 
the Mouse KCM (the button is called "Re-bind Additional Mouse Buttons..."). 
Not sure how well it works, because it doesn't pick up on my additional 
buttons on my G600 for some reason. The help is always appreciated though, 
especially for modifier support and such which I think is a limitation of our 
current system.

Good luck,

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