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Follow-up to this discussion at the plasma-devel mailing list:

   Subject: testing UIs and improving a11y all at once!

Harald Sitter posted in December about automated testing of Qt programs 
with the Selenium Webdriver using AT-SPI. [1] Perhaps of interest to 
many of you, I would like now to draw your attention to a blog post 
published today about follow-up work from Nitin Tejuja during Season of 
KDE 2023.

    *SoK 2023 Selenium-ST-API KDE Eco Power Measurement Proof Of 
Concept: Achieving Three KDE Goals With One Stone!*

In the post Emmanuel Charruau outlines how this work is relevant for all 
3 of KDE's current goals. [2] Read more at the blog post!

1. Sustainable Software
2. KDE For All
3. Automate And Systematize Internal Processes

And you can check out the step-by-step guide to Selenium-AT-SPI to be 
included as Chapter 4 in the energy measurement handbook (draft):

Great work and thank you, Nitin, together with mentors Emmanuel and Harald!




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