Update | BE4FOSS project coming to an end, KDE Eco continues to grow

Nate Graham nate at kde.org
Wed Mar 29 15:50:03 BST 2023

Thank you so much for your work to organize and push forward this 
initiative, Joseph! It's great to see how the ethos of energy efficiency 
has taken root in the community.


On 3/22/23 09:54, Joseph P. De Veaugh-Geiss wrote:
> Dear KDE community,
> I am sad to inform you that next week on 31 March funding for the KDE 
> Eco "Blauer Engel 4 FOSS" (BE4FOSS) project will end. This means my role 
> as Community and Project Manager for the project will also end.
> This does not mean that the KDE Eco project is ending, not at all, but 
> we may feel a shift in gears as the community transitions into the next 
> phase. I will continue to be involved with the eco projects going 
> forward, though at a reduced capacity as I take on a new role at KDE and 
> thus new responsibilities (more info about this will be sent in the 
> coming weeks).
> KDE Eco continues to grow. Beyond "Blauer Engel 4 FOSS", there are many 
> ongoing sustainability and efficiency projects at KDE, including the 
> Sustainable Software goal, and more are coming. See the end of this 
> email for some information and links.
> These projects need your enthusiasm and energy (!) to stay alive and 
> healthy. If you have thought to yourself, "I would like to contribute to 
> the exciting work of the KDE Eco initiative", now is a great time to get 
> involved. Please be in touch with me directly or the larger KDE Eco 
> community via the mailing list and Matrix room:
>    https://eco.kde.org/get-involved/
> Or check out the Sustainable Software goal workboard:
>    https://invent.kde.org/teams/eco/sustainable-software-goal/-/boards
> Your involvement, no matter how big or small, is what makes success 
> possible. And if you are already contributing to the KDE Eco initiative, 
> thank you for your great work. I look forward to continuing what we have 
> started!
> We are in the process of applying for further external funding for KDE 
> Eco projects, and I hope we can announce new funding in the very near 
> future.
> It has been truly a pleasure to work with the KDE community in the 
> BE4FOSS project. I look forward to what comes next in making KDE and 
> Free & Open Source Software the most sustainable and energy-efficient 
> software.
> In many ways, this pioneering work has only just begun!
> Cheers,
> Joseph
> Here are just some of the ongoing KDE Eco projects:
>   - The many objectives of the Sustainable Software goal, which you can 
> read more about here:
>      https://community.kde.org/Goals/Sustainable_Software
>   - The three Season of KDE 2023 projects for scripting usage scenarios 
> to measure the energy consumption of KDE apps. Read progress updates 
> (with links to blog posts) for the excellent mentees Mohamed Ibrahim 
> (KDE Eco Tester project), Nitin Tejuja (Selenium project), and Rudraksh 
> Karpe (Blue Angel Preparation project) here:
>     https://community.kde.org/SoK/2023/StatusReport
>   - The energy measurement lab at KDAB Berlin as well as the Google 
> Summer of Code proposal building an online portal for remote access to 
> the lab (and possible CI-integration):
> https://community.kde.org/GSoC/2023/Ideas#Project:_Measuring_Energy_Usage_Remotely_with_Online_Portal

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