Fwd: debian 12 broken login when switching virtual console

Luna Jernberg droidbittin at gmail.com
Sat Mar 11 21:07:15 GMT 2023

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From: digitalwop at gmx.de
Date: Sat, 11 Mar 2023 22:05:34 +0100
Subject: debian 12 broken login when switching virtual console
To: debian-user at lists.debian.org

i have installed (alpha 2 release) Debian 12 (with KDE) on two
machines and on both
the sddm session crashes when i switch the virtual console.
If i am logged in an active KDE session and i switch to the virtual
console with: strg alt f2
and switch back i am logged out of my active session but i can't login
because the login
screen is frozen with a "pre typed" password.
I can only move my mouse, and pressing any key does nothing.

Also after klicking on standby in the active KDE session, breaks the
track pad in sddm and
is still broken after login.

Does somebody had same problems before and fixed it?

Regards Felix

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