Can we rename gitklient?

argonel argonel at
Sat Mar 4 22:59:53 GMT 2023

On Sat, Mar 4, 2023 at 3:14 PM Hamed Masafi <hamed.masafi at> wrote:
> > I think Kittie is too close to Kitty (a terminal application iirc) so I'd avoid that one at least.
> OK
> > Yes, the name can be changed, we could change it even we you had released it
> > already (would be a bit more annoying probably).
> Thanks
> > I’d personally stay away from names involving the word “code” (or “kode”), as that makes it sound like it’s some sort of IDE. Kommit sounds like a pretty good option to me.
> > I really like "Kommit". It starts with "K" and is just to the point.
> > Kommit makes a lot of sense to me.
> This is what it looks like, the name kommit has a lot of fans

On the other hand, "gitklient" has quite good search results, all of
the top hits I get are correct, whereas "kommit" has several hits that
may be difficult to overcome.

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