Can we rename gitklient?

Mladen Milinkovic max at
Fri Mar 3 11:14:38 GMT 2023

Two name ideas came to me
- DeltaKit (delta as difference in physics)
- Konformity/Konform (conformity as antonym to difference)


On 3/2/23 19:32, Hamed Masafi wrote:
> Considering that gitklient is very close to the first version, I have to say something about its naming.
> When I started the project, no name came to my mind. Of course, it is the same now. That's why, just so that the name 
> of the project is not empty, change its name to gitklient, in kde 3 naming style (I know).
> Considering that the first version of this app has not been published yet, can we change the name?
> If the answer is yes, what name should we choose? To be honest, I still don't have a suitable name in mind!
> I sent this email so that we can talk about this (of course, if we can change the name of the program) and find a good 
> name for it.
> I had a long chat with ChatGpt! Also, I got help from some name suggestion sites and asked some people for their 
> opinion. Finally, I have a list of suggested names to start a discussion.
> - Kodify
> - Kittie
> - Kode
> - Kommit
> - Codekit
> - Kodev
> - <Add your suggestions>
> Please let me know what you think.
> BR

Mladen Milinkovic

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