Can we rename gitklient?

Gleb Popov 6yearold at
Thu Mar 2 19:58:18 GMT 2023

On Thu, Mar 2, 2023 at 9:33 PM Hamed Masafi <hamed.masafi at> wrote:
> Considering that gitklient is very close to the first version, I have to say something about its naming.
> When I started the project, no name came to my mind. Of course, it is the same now. That's why, just so that the name of the project is not empty, change its name to gitklient, in kde 3 naming style (I know).
> Considering that the first version of this app has not been published yet, can we change the name?
> If the answer is yes, what name should we choose? To be honest, I still don't have a suitable name in mind!
> I sent this email so that we can talk about this (of course, if we can change the name of the program) and find a good name for it.
> I had a long chat with ChatGpt! Also, I got help from some name suggestion sites and asked some people for their opinion. Finally, I have a list of suggested names to start a discussion.
> - Kodify
> - Kittie
> - Kode
> - Kommit

I really like "Kommit". It starts with "K" and is just to the point.

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