Bringing Cantata under the KDE umbrella?

Heiko Becker heiko.becker at
Tue Feb 21 20:37:17 GMT 2023

On Tuesday, 21 February 2023 16:23:54 CET, Sandro KnauƟ wrote:
> I really would love to see Cantata to be in KDE. At least try 
> if it gets some 
> momentum. But still you are doing the Qt6 port, so without any new features 
> just in maintenance mode I see value in it.
>> features like cached lyrics, lastfm, wikipedia, serverside playlists....
>> software written to export lyrics so that they are present when you
>> switch to info-mode
> Oh all those features can be interesting for other music players, too! So 
> maybe together with the other music players in KDE we can form an API and 
> library and we only have one place to write it ;)

That would indeed be a very welcome thing!


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