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I would like to request a sponsor for incubating my existing Qt project, 
/ghostwriter. /ghostwriter is a Markdown editor that aims to provide a 
relaxing, distraction-free writing environment.

Project GitHub Repo:
Project Website:

*Maintainter Committing to the Project:*

  * Megan Conkle

*Planned KDE Manifesto Compliance:*

_Open Governance__:_ I would like to open /ghostwriter/'s governance to 
the KDE community in general to help limit the bus factor and share the 

_Free Software:_ /ghostwriter/ is already licensed under GPL3.  Various 
third-party libraries and artwork in use by the project have 
GPL3-compatible licenses. While it is presently hosted on GitHub, I 
would like to transition it to KDE Invent's GitLab server as it's new 
home, and to take advantage of KDE's releases/CI rather continuing to 
use GitHub Actions or AppVeyor for releases.

_Inclusivity__:_  Anyone can participate!

_Innovation__:_ /ghostwriter /is always improving, and by incubating the 
project with KDE, I hope that it can include KDE frameworks innovations 
and other people's ideas/contributions.

_Common Ownership:_  I would like to increase the bus factor for the 
project by asking the KDE community to share ownership and contribute.

_End-User Focus:_  In addition to ensuring a smooth user experience, 
/ghostwriter/'s goals include providing translates of its interface text 
into as many languages as possible, and always keeping accessibility in 
mind.  To meet these goals, the project will transition from using Qt 
Linguist to il8n.  Other KDE framework APIs will be evaluated as well, 
such as Sonnet for spell checking.

Thank you very much for your time!

Megan Conkle
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