Season of KDE Proposal: Rust wrapper for KConfig

Ayush Singh ayushdevel1325 at
Thu Jan 6 19:26:38 GMT 2022

I am a University student and the author of the rust crate ki18n
<>. This crate allows using the KI18n
Framework from Rust and can be used in conjunction with the qmetaobject
<> crate to allow writing QML
applications for KDE using Rust.

The Proposal for my project is to create a rust wrapper for the KConfig KDE
Framework. With this crate present, it will be possible to create a
QML/Kirigami + Rust application without C++. I already have some other Rust
crates ready to help make the wrapper.

Currently, the primary GUI solution for creating Rust applications is
GTK-rs. If Rust wrappers of at least the essential parts of KDE are
present, it can become a viable toolkit for GUI development in Rust. If
this project is done as part of the Season of KDE, it might also help to
inform people about crates like qmetaobject
<>, which works almost flawlessly to
create QML + Rust applications.

I am looking for someone to mentor my project. The mentor does not need to
have Rust skills but should be familiar with KConfig. I haven't used
KConfig much and might miss important parts of the Framework. I would also
like to make the Bindings ergonomic and would need someone who has a better
understanding of the Framework.

My goal with this project is to increase the use of Rust in KDE as a whole.
But for that to happen, we first need a base to allow people to start
seeing KDE Frameworks as viable for Rust-based GUI.

Here is my alternate email to contact me directly: ayushsingh1325 at

Thank You
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