Typo in the GSoC Ideas list page

Afrid Hussain afridhussain.d at gmail.com
Mon Feb 28 11:18:17 GMT 2022

Hi, I am new to this community (KDE). While getting through the ideas list
of GSoC 2022, there was a typing error.

Under Project *Krita,*
*  Add Benchmarks to the krita executable,
* Texture Each Dab instead of the whole Stroke and
* Extend arrange Docker to support alignment and distribution of Layers,

*the project duration has been set as both 175 hrs and 350 hrs.*

It was possible for me to edit, But I don't know the durations of the
Projects so I thought to forward it to you.

Also I am not sure that I have brought this concern to the respective
supporter. If so, Please let me know the appropriate mailing address.
Thank you. Regards
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