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Le mer. 29 sept. 2021 à 11:27, Ben Cooksley <bcooksley at> a écrit :

> Hi all,
> As those of you who watch and work on Frameworks repositories will be
> aware, we've just rolled out the first set of native Gitlab CI builds.
> These builds are at this time Linux only, but do include support for both
> regular branch builds as well as for Merge Requests. It is anticipated that
> Windows, FreeBSD and Android builds will follow in the near future - there
> are a few extra things we need to get completed first before they can be
> rolled out. As part of carrying out the build the scripts will also gather
> Code Coverage and Code Quality information using gcovr and cppcheck
> respectively, and this will be made available to you within the Gitlab
> interface.
> With regards to availability to projects outside Frameworks, projects that
> depend only on Frameworks (and no other KDE project) may enable CI for
> their project by adding the necessary .kde-ci.yml and .gitlab-ci.yml files
> to their repositories. I anticipate that once the necessary changes have
> been made to the "seed" jobs used to provision the initial artifacts it
> should be possible for all projects to rollout support (although i'd like
> to add ccache support to the system to ensure larger project builds
> complete promptly first).
> If anyone would like to help out with getting the seed jobs ready please
> let me know as this is definitely something that the community can assist
> with (and will also help with easing the rollout of Windows, FreeBSD and
> Android builds).
> For those projects that do go ahead with enabling Gitlab CI support please
> ensure you add the necessary .kde-ci.yml file beforehand, specifying in it
> the necessary Dependencies, as well as the necessary Options your project
> needs to customise for their build. A list of all the possible values in a
> .kde-ci.yml file can be found at
> For those projects that are not yet able to enable the system, it is
> strongly encouraged that you go ahead and get the .kde-ci.yml files ready
> in your repository now - especially if other projects depend on your
> project. This will allow the rollout of the CI system to those projects to
> proceed much more smoothly (otherwise we will need to get them added to
> those projects which have other projects depending on them).
> Please note that this new infrastructure replaces all existing Gitlab CI
> jobs we provided in the initial testing phase, and those should be removed
> (much like how I did for Frameworks) when switching to the new setup.
> Thanks,
> Ben


is there a template for the .gitlab-ci.yml or should we use the same as
for example?


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