KDE development on main laptop

David Hurka david.hurka at mailbox.org
Sat Sep 18 15:44:58 BST 2021


I started the same way. I can say that building Okular on the main work system 
does not cause problems. If you build and install a broken version of Okular, 
you loose your document viewer.

But if you follow the guidelines for kdesrc-build, you can install compiled 
versions in a different place (like ~/bin instead of /usr/bin), so you have 
both the broken and the original version of Okular, and the original one stays 

I don’t know what happens with Akonadi, since it is some kind of background 
service. Ideally you look at each project’s documentation, there should be 
some instructions for starting development.

On Saturday, September 18, 2021 4:19:53 PM CEST Sławek Kapłoński wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm totally new to the KDE development but I want to start with it.
> I'm using KDE daily on my main work laptop. Is it 100% safe to build e.g.
> Akonadi or Kmail or other software using kdesrc-build script on my laptop
> and it will not interact (and break) something in my software installed
> from packages for sure? Or is it better to play with it on e.g. different
> machine?

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