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Tom Zander tom at
Mon Sep 6 09:59:37 BST 2021

On zondag 5 september 2021 08:13:09 CEST Ben Cooksley wrote:
> In terms of the format of the 'Dependencies' section,

Playing with kde-build script and noticing the fast growing 
dependency trees we have today, I think it may be beneficial to 
have two types of compile dependencies in this setup.

1. required-to-build.
  Which means that if something in the parent tree changes, this
  one is scheduled for re-build.

2. optional. Equivalent of the cmake feature, if its not there
  some code is not compiled.
  At least once before a release the full dependencies can be
  compiled to see if it fully compiles.

Pushing everything into required is likely not scalable, causing 
projects too wait too long for compile.
Avoiding the optional ones means you lack coverage of compile and 
testing failures due to changes in libs.

What do people think, is it useful to have an 'optional' category 
in future there?   
Maybe useful to think that far ahead now people are populating 
their dependencies :-)

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