Rollout of Gitlab CI

Amber Schenck ambersck at
Fri Oct 1 19:27:54 BST 2021

On 9/30/21 5:05 PM, Nate Graham wrote:
> On 9/30/21 17:00, Amber Schenck wrote:
>> Would it be possible for a project outside of KDE infra
>> ( to use KDE CI? Unit tests have
>> been on the TODO list for a long time, but the extra effort of setting
>> up CI has discouraged it so far. Using KDE CI would make that a lot
>> easier.
>> Thanks,
>> -Amber
> Sounds like a good incentive to move to KDE infrastructure. :)
Alas and alack, there's that whole /effort/ thing again. . . This
project was around before git or Gitlab existed, and sourceforge and
subversion have served it just fine. Alternately, does Invent do any
> Nate

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