Rollout of Gitlab CI

Amber Schenck ambersck at
Fri Oct 1 00:00:08 BST 2021

On 9/29/21 2:27 AM, Ben Cooksley wrote:
> Hi all,
> As those of you who watch and work on Frameworks repositories will be
> aware, we've just rolled out the first set of native Gitlab CI builds.
> These builds are at this time Linux only, but do include support for
> both regular branch builds as well as for Merge Requests. It is
> anticipated that Windows, FreeBSD and Android builds will follow in
> the near future - there are a few extra things we need to get
> completed first before they can be rolled out. As part of carrying out
> the build the scripts will also gather Code Coverage and Code Quality
> information using gcovr and cppcheck respectively, and this will be
> made available to you within the Gitlab interface.
> With regards to availability to projects outside Frameworks, projects
> that depend only on Frameworks (and no other KDE project) may enable
> CI for their project by adding the necessary .kde-ci.yml and
> .gitlab-ci.yml files to their repositories.

Would it be possible for a project outside of KDE infra
( to use KDE CI? Unit tests have
been on the TODO list for a long time, but the extra effort of setting
up CI has discouraged it so far. Using KDE CI would make that a lot easier.



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