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Tue Nov 30 05:31:05 GMT 2021

On Tue, Nov 30, 2021 at 8:21 AM Tobias Leupold <tl at> wrote:

> Am Montag, 29. November 2021, 17:25:14 CET schrieb Ben Cooksley:
> >
> > @same should only be used when the other project is part of the same
> > release unit.
> > While this works for the moment because all of the involved projects
> have a
> > 'master' branch, when you go and tag/branch a stable release it will
> fail -
> > as your branch/tag names will be different.
> >
> > The correct fix in this case is to update
> >
> > with the appropriate details for '@latest' and '@stable' for both marble
> > and libkexiv2.
> >
> > Cheers,
> > Ben
> Which versions are "latest" and/or "stable" is something the libkexiv2 and
> Marble guys would have to decide or set, yes? Like "stable" could be the
> version released with Debian stable or so, and "latest" the latest
> released
> version? Or master?

Generally I would expect @latest to correspond to the current development
branch for Qt 5 yes.
Likewise, @stable should correspond to the most current stable branch for
Qt 5.

Due to the way the system works it is flexible and allows us to introduce
additional @ tags as needed - such as @latest-qt6 or @lts if they are
needed in the future.

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