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Tobias Leupold tl at
Mon Nov 29 11:16:12 GMT 2021

Hi list :-)

Sorry in advance for bothering you again about KGeoTag, but I still can't get 
it to work (which is most probably my fault, I'm still a CI n00b).

I tried again with what I did some time ago, and it failed due to missing 
dependencies (cf. ). I 
first thought this is still caused by Marble being not available, but only 
Frameworks libs, but then I saw that such a dependency should be referenced by 
e.g. 'kde/education/marble', not only 'education/marble'.

I then tried again, but now, libkexiv2 isn't found, cf.

What am I missing?

Also: Would/will it be possible to build on another system than Suse 
Tumbleweed, e.g. on Debian stable?

Thanks for all help and sorry again for the noise ...

Cheers, Tobias

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