Incorrect documentation for KRecentFilesAction::saveEntries

Méven meven29 at
Wed Nov 24 08:37:27 GMT 2021

I agree with you, this seems like an old oversight, let's fix the

Please open a MR, this makes it easier and more focused to talk.
KConfigGroup::name also precise that <default> is the root group aka no
group in the ini.

Also having a look at usage of the API can help find issues/check your
documentation change is coherent, which I think it is.

Making the implementation follow the documentation will cause user data
loss because data would be expected to be located in a different group (for
concerned users).

Le mer. 24 nov. 2021 à 01:06, George Florea Banus <georgefb899 at> a
écrit :

> The documentation for KRecentFilesAction::saveEntries says "You can
> provide the name of the group used to load the entries. If the groupname is
> empty, entries are saved to a group called 'RecentFiles'".
> And in the code it checks if name is empty `( { ...
> }`, but `` is never empty [link1] resulting in the files being
> saved without a group, it was like this since the method was added [link2].
> I wanted to submit a MR to kconfigwidgets also checking if the name is
> <default>, but since it's been like this from the beginning, it might be
> better to change the documentation for KRecentFilesAction::saveEntries.
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> link1:
> link2:

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