Best way to package Dolphin plugin?

Albert Astals Cid aacid at
Thu Nov 4 23:57:07 GMT 2021

El dimecres, 27 d’octubre de 2021, a les 21:23:46 (CET), Nomen Luni va escriure:
> Hi Folks,
> A while back I created a Dolphin plugin which is available on the KDE
> store. It's packaged as a .deb which I like as it provides a nice
> install/uninstall experience, but I've had some feedback asking if I can
> make it more distro/package manager agnostic, something I hadn't even
> thought of.
> Any suggestions/best practice for how to do this cleanly?

There is no way to provide a binary package that is distro agnostic for dolphin plugins.

The only distro agnostic package for dolphin plugins is a source tarball and let people compile it themselves.

Or if you think it makes sense, you may want to contact the plasma team to include your plugin as part of the Plasma releases and then distributions will compile it for you ;)

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> Thanks
> Lee

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