Idea Submission: Does anyone please have con-args?

slbtty shenlebantongying at
Mon May 17 15:41:09 BST 2021

> Are there already projects aiming towards similar objectives? Or have there been in the past?

Yes, there are many if you consider euro as a big gov. From my
experience, there are several made-in-china (similar to the
"Self-sovereign identity") systems for past 20 years, and most of them
failed. Wikipedia also have an incomplete page of
state-sponsored-Linux-distros. Most of them wasted a large chunk of
resources to craft just another set of default

I think region-based distro is anti-pattern of free software. If open
source is about freedom, region-based distro is simply adding
restrictions (Why limit the target users based on geography
location?). It feels like NIH [1] but in large scale.

A common name plus a distro is probably an inspirational symbol, but I
think it might be better to spend more resources on _actual
improvements_ of the software, such as funding software projects that
are actually needed to get the jobs done, enhancing LibreOffice,
translations for rare languages, tools to ease deployments for
gov/school, and develop new technology for open source systems.  Image
KDE get fully funded programmers to improve the software that are
required by euroOS, rather than a team of distro release engineers
tweaking software packages.

What is really needed is a "euroOS project", rather than yet another
region-based "euroOS distro". A project will provide sustainable
funding/resources for software projects that solve real problems for
euro's gov/school/individuals. (If this actually happened, in the
future, someone will use software with acknowledgment that it was
produced/funded by the eurOS Project). Technical issues are less hard
than political/economical ones.

Other thoughts:
* M√ľnchen switch to linux many years ago, but seems to have many
struggling and tried to move back to windows. Not sure the situation
* IIRC, the ScientificLinux was also funded by several euro-based
organizations (mainly CERN I think).
* The recent RockyLinux can be used to estimate how much resources are
practically needed to duplicate everything, plus some branding.



On Mon, May 17, 2021 at 5:10 AM Dominik Kummer <me at> wrote:
> Hi folks!
> I recently submited an ideas on
> based on personal conclusions studying several citizen contributions/discussions on
> Do you see any realistic perspectives on this?
> Does it even make sense, or would you consider it to centralized tailored?
> Are there already projects aiming towards similar objectives? Or have there been in the past?
> Whats you opinion on SSI in general?
> Thank you so much for any further contra arguments and/or redirections!!
> Kind regards, Yours
> Dominik

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