Any interest in a batch file renamer in KIO?

Chinmoy Pradhan chinmoyrp65 at
Sat May 15 16:26:29 BST 2021


A few years back I worked on a BatchRenameJob for KIO[1]. From a cursory
glance yours seems to have more features.

Can you have a look at BatchRenameJob and see if you could add the features
Or are we talking about two different things here?



On Sat, May 15, 2021 at 8:23 PM Nomen Luni <nomen.luni at> wrote:

> Hi Folks,
> First time poster. I've recently developed a batch file renaming utility
> which operates as a service menu plugin within Dolphin. If anyone has
> seen the 'bulk rename' plugin for Thunar, this is highly inspired by
> that app in terms of functionality but is a from-scratch implementation
> using the Qt stack.
> I'm writing to gauge if there's any interest for inclusion in Plasma and
> speaking with Nate Graham he said KIO might be the place for it to live
> and directed me here.
> So basically, is there any interest and if so, could someone give me
> some guidance on how to integrate/get it reviewed and added?
> The code is on Github. Currently it's compiling through Qt Creator:
> <>
> It can be installed through Dolphin if anyone fancies a look:
> Settings->Configure Dolphin->Context Menu->Download New Services and
> it's named 'Bionic Batch Renamer.'
> There are currently no instruction but it's very intuitive. Select some
> files in Dolphin, right click and select 'Batch rename' then play with
> the GUI to create new filenames based on operations on the old ones,
> e.g. change the case, add numbers, remove characters etc.
> Cheers
> Lee
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