“Application Launcher 2.0” - New (simple) Feature Request

Marco Uguccioni uguccionimarco at gmail.com
Tue Mar 16 09:35:48 GMT 2021

Dear Mr. Martin Graesslin & Mr. Mikel Johnson,

I am writing you to kindly request a new feature
in the new version of the *Kickoff Menu *which will be released with *Plasma
5.21 Stable**:*

I would like to ask you to please *add the possibility*
to also show the *applications* *categories* (Graphics,
Internet, Multimedia, Office, etc...) both* in a grid* and
*in a list*, the same way we can already set for the category
“*favorites:*” inside the “Configure Application Launcher...” tab.

*This would be so helpful for visual thinkers, it's the only*
*thing the new stock menu is still missing, otherwise it*
*will be finally perfect.*

(Obviously I think this cannot be done for the *All Application *category
too, or can it?)

Please consider adding this new feature...
It would be really nice to see this happening for the Plasma 5.21 release

Thank you for your good work,
Best regards

Marco Uguccioni
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