KDE Frameworks 5.80.0 released

David Faure faure at kde.org
Sat Mar 13 12:37:47 GMT 2021

13th March 2021. KDE today announces the release of KDE Frameworks 5.80.0.

KDE Frameworks are 83 addon libraries to Qt which provide a wide
variety of commonly needed functionality in mature, peer reviewed and well
tested libraries with friendly licensing terms. For an introduction see


  [balooshow] Always print parsed document/device/inode id
  [balooshow] Allow hexadecimal format for deviceid parameter
  [baloosearch] Allow to print document ID
  [ResultIterator] Provide document ID
  [ResultIterator] Rework for future extension
  Don't try to index ninja files
  Don't try to index .swp files (bug 433095)

Breeze Icons

  Fix and improve "add-subtitle" icon, add 16px version
  add new document scan icons
  Swap the system-upgrade icon for something more identifiable
  KMyMoney: move colorful icons back to actions and rename
  kmymoney: add 32/48px icon for the accounts
  kmymoney: add 32/48px icon for the ledger, update 16/22px
  Add actions/48 section
  Delete tor-browser icon (bug 432674)
  Add icons for keyframe actions (kdenlive)

Extra CMake Modules

  Fix ECMCheckOutboundLicenseTest to find the FindReuseTool.cmake file
  ecm_qt_declare_logging_category: support target arg to append source file to
  Add FindIsoCodes module
  Add FindLibcap.cmake
  Fix relative path edge case in ECMGeneratePriFile
  Define relative paths when KDE_INSTALL_USE_QT_SYS_PATHS is enabled


  Remove KActivities DBUS string macro magic


  Stringify DBUS paths

KDE Doxygen Tools

  Fix enum doc in the dark theme
  Add support for CuteHMI (Qbs)
  Kill caching with web workers
  Fix padding issues in the two sidebars
  Fix bad detection of bad class name in inherited stuff
  Add licensing clarifications


  Add a flag not to update the lastModified field automatically


  Fix wrong margins on QML-based KCMs (bug 431855)


  Add KEntryMap::constFindEntry() method
  Fix window positioning regression due to incorrect fallback in fallback (bug 432661)


  fix maxItems == 0, really ensure no items are remembered (bug 421391)


  Use FindIsoCodes from ECM


  FreeBSD: use procstat again
  Un-overload KJob signals
  kpluginfactory: Use the user-provided base factory in our factory macro (bug 410851)
  [KProcessList] Check size of data before accessing it (bug 431334)


  Fix X11 dependency conditions
  Fix KCrash usage inside a systemd unit


  don't use mouse-over effects on mobile
  [GridDelegate] Fix vertical misalignment when showing a subtitle
  [GridDelegate] Remove centering hack


  Revert "Switch from custom K_D to Q_DECLARE_PRIVATE_D & Q_D" (bug 432949)


  [FFmpegExtractor] Use categorized logging


  Use DBus activation for applications that are dbus activatable

KHolidays #

  Update mu_en_islamic, holidays/holidays.qrc
  Update mu_en, create mu_en_islamic


  Avoid race condition on loading the plugin
  Allow icon themes to also use the colour scheme's selected foreground colour for icon colouring
  Fix loading of icons from resources like :/icons/..
  Register our KIconEngine plugin for SVG icons
  Remove cfeck as maintainer


  Fix Non-square Radiance/RGBE/.hdr images failing to load
  Check the input buffer before passing it to libheif
  Check primaries returned from libavif
  Add plugin for High Efficiency Image File Format (HEIF)
  Quality option can be returned without parsing input file


  Use findLibcap from ECM


  PreviewJob: Add support for DeviceRatioPixel
  Fix icon for link to address (Url)
  Add missing mailto helper protocol
  Add KIO slave kapptemplate
  KUrlRequester: un-overload returnPressed() signal
  Extract a new job MimeTypeFinderJob from OpenUrlJob
  PreviewJob: Fix Thumb::Size check to be spec compliant
  PreviewJob: consider file size for cache invalidation (bug 433127)
  PreviewJob: Added handlesSequences() to determine whether a ThumbSequenceCreator was used. Also fixed broken binary compatibility from my last commit
  Add single character web shortcuts
  [KPropertiesDialog] Resolve symlink target
  ApplicationLauncherJob: improve handling of KServiceAction
  Fix KDirOperator crash with libc++, due to unique_ptr difference
  KFileWidget: fix crash on FreeBSD (from the destructor)
  KCoreDirLister: un-overload redirection() signal
  KPropertiesDialog: Show MIME type name as tooltip
  RenameDialog: fix a potential buffer overflow (bug 432610)


  Use standard durations for global drawer animations (bug 433948)
  [controls/Avatar]: Add focus ring to indicate keyboard focus
  [controls/Avatar]: Set activeFocusOnTab: true when Avatar has main action
  Support for Toolbars in standalone pages (bug 432541)
  Change and improve PlaceholderMessage new API
  Fix issues with recent PlaceholderMessage changes
  Add correct accessible roles to the Separator and FormLayout components
  Mark Accessible.Heading role to Kirigami Heading
  [Units] Add iconSizes.sizeForLabels docs, remove iconSizes.desktop docs
  controls/PlaceholderMessage: introduce title element
  different approach to remove the buttons visibility flickering
  controls/PageRouter: fix crash on beginCreate failing
  event compress the nav buttons show/hide (bug 413841)
  Handle visibility changes for toolbarlayoutdelegate and morebutton instances
  disable animations during replace (bug 426770)
  support icon.name (bug 433472)
  Add link to Kirigami tutorial and update hig link
  Make Theme internal
  Fix wrong right margin of OverlaySheet header on Mobile
  [Units] Add sizeForLabels iconSize for setting icon size to the default text bounding rect size
  api to include the handles in the toolbar
  Improve global drawer with section look
  better overlaysheet beavior with flick by touch
  Better manage sheet contents resizing
  Use custom QEvents for communicating between PlatformTheme instances
  Do not load Theme.qml as Theme singleton, instead use BasicThemeDefinition
  Add flatpak manifest to Kirigami template
  Use a common function to wait for events and increase wait time slightly
  Store owner of PlatformThemeData as QPointer<PlatformTheme>
  Use std::underlying_type<> for std::unordered_map of enums
  Fix android-specific code path in StyleSelector
  Set theme inherit to false on several items
  Port Material style to use the new BasicThemeDefinition
  Deprecate protected PlatformTheme::setPalette
  Completely rework BasicTheme
  Move style selection and lookup code out of KirigamiPlugin
  Replace PlatformThemePrivate with an implementation that shares data
  Add an environment variable to force the current theme and disable fallback
  [controls/PageRouter]: Fix bug with extended properties when replacing a route with navigateToRoute
  Add ToolTips for drawer handles


  Add checkState role name to KCheckableProxyModel
  Deprecate KConcatenateRowsProxyModel also by compiler & runtime warnings


  Fix a copy/paste error in Button
  Fix preview delegate's update badge being cut off (bug 433535)
  qtquickengine: Do not emit entriesChanged signal when we clear an empty list (bug 431568)
  Put NewStuff.DialogContent's handle into the global toolbar
  Improve visuals in case initialization of engine failed
  qtquickengine: Check if KNSCore::Engine is valid before searching (bug 402432)
  Deprecate QWidgets components


  Don't attempt to strip markup from a KNotification's title


  Deprecate KParts::ReadOnlyPart::completed(bool)


  Remove cfeck as maintainer


  Simplify SingleRunnerMode code
  Add header and CMake configuration to help writing tests


  Revert "CMake: Specify add_custom_command() dependencies"
  Un-overload databaseChagned() signal
  src/services/yaac.y: use '%define api.pure'


  Dont use F11 for Toggle-Line-Numbers
  Remove trailing spaces on modified lines per default
  Add Editor::font() to access use set editor font
  Use correct function to determine with of line number characters (bug 430712)
  Add regression test for matching adjacent brackets (e.g. [])
  [KateViewInternal] Ensure that findMatchingBracket always works
  Add Tests for AutomaticCompletionPreselectFirst
  Make tab key select the first completion entry when none is selected
  Add option to preselect nothing when automatic completion is invoked (bug 316413)
  [KateCompletionWidget::execute] Return if the completion was successful
  Temporarily save unfinished search/replace text (bug 411923)
  ensure rangesForLine caching is correcly updated
  avoid crash on clearing of bookmarks (bug 433006)
  [Vimode] Make reformatting a single action
  [Vimode] Do not remove empty lines when reformatting (bug 340550)
  [Vimode] Display message directly in findPatternWorker instead of using a mutable m_lastSearchWrapped
  [Vimode] Display message when search is wrapped
  Fix a corner case with camel cursor


  KPageView: Make it possible to access titleWidget


  Un-overload windowChanged() signal


  Add a missing addAction new-slot-syntax call
  Correct name of menu item (bug 433157)


  Bearer: drop initializers for non-primitive types
  Bearer: add initializers for IpConfig members

Plasma Framework

  Use more standard durations (bug 433948)
  Make durations match Kirigami durations
  [plasmacomponents3/TextField|TextArea] Fix placeholder text (bug 433864)
  [Icon Item] Load .ico files using QIcon (bug 429927)
  Use adaptive transparency and tweak contrast effect to make better use of it
  [PlaceholderMessage] Sync with Kirigami version
  add missing sizeForLabels
  Print which file is responsible for an error
  [PC3 ToolTip] Reduce margins to smallSpacing (bug 433243)
  Port Plasma Style Kirigami Theme plugin to new Kirigami API


  Use more standard duration values (bug 433948)
  Respect the animation speed setting for menu open/close animation (bug 433948)
  [RoundButton] Rework the contentItem, improve background accuracy
  Spinbox: Update value during editing (bug 433066)
  [Label] Remove unnecessary code
  Use new custom event handling to trigger color sync in Platform theme
  Use QQuickWindow::setTextRenderType() for the default text rendering type
  Update Kirigami platform theme to new upstream API
  [radiobutton] Fix focus indicator


  Adding isEncrypted method to AccessStorage
  solid-hardware: demarshall DBus types for nonportableinfo
  [UDisks2] Correctly demarshall QDbusObjectPath in `isEncryptedCleartext`
  Predicate Parser: fix deprecated directive


  Remove enchant plugin

Syntax Highlighting

  brightscript: Add inline lambda call syntax
  Fix Dracula theme colors
  Enhance XML highlighter colors
  Indexer: request to add ^ with <RegExpr column="0" ...>
  Indexer: request to merge RegExpr
  Indexer: request to merge AnyChar/DetectChar
  Update monokai & dracula for diff colors
  Indexer: check for duplicate InclusionRules
  adapt schema to reality of usage of weakDeliminator & additionalDeliminator
  Zsh: replace some Command with Variable style and add ! as variable name
  Indexer: suggest RegExpr to RangeDetect and some unnecessary quantifier
  Indexer: check additionalDeliminator/wordDelimiters and RegExpr as DetectIdentifier
  Bash/Zsh: fix comment and = style in VarName ; highlight parameter for getopts and let
  C++ Highlighting: add some QVariant-related variants
  PHP: fix string, number and folding region ; refactor styles (bug 429651)
  Breeze Light: restore original black color for Control Flow


  Un-overload signals

Security information

The released code has been GPG-signed using the following key:
pub rsa2048/58D0EE648A48B3BB 2016-09-05 David Faure <faure at kde.org>
Primary key fingerprint: 53E6 B47B 45CE A3E0 D5B7  4577 58D0 EE64 8A48 B3BB


David Faure, faure at kde.org, http://www.davidfaure.fr
Working on KDE Frameworks 5

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