Potential withdrawal of TotalReqall from KDE

Loren Burkholder computersemiexpert at outlook.com
Fri Jul 9 02:48:49 BST 2021

Dear all:

As you may or may not recall (reqall, ha ha), I some months ago began the incubator process for my application TotalReqall. However, I feel that I am not up to providing the level of continuous maintenance that a KDE application would require. I tend to mainly work on the application when I am using it and find a bug. This level of work is fine for me, but would probably be unacceptable to any end users expecting KDE quality. Furthermore, I have not had anybody contribute to the project beyond translations and some help from Jonathan Riddell and Nicolas Fella on the CMake files for the project (thanks guys, I didn't really understand CMake at that point and I appreciated the help!). At this point, I believe that it would be best for all concerned if I would withdraw TotalReqall from KDE and maintain it under my personal GitHub or Gitlab account.

If anybody has any input on why I should not withdraw TotalReqall from KDE or would like to offer to take over active maintenance of the project, I'd be glad to hear your input. No pressure though :)

Loren Burkholder

P.S. Keep up the great work, KDE is awesome! Just because I don't want to continue putting TotalReqall under KDE doesn't mean that I don't have a desire to contribute to KDE in the future!

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