I need some git advice

Glen Ditchfield GJDitchfield at acm.org
Sat Jan 30 02:24:58 GMT 2021

I'd like to commit some changes to the akonadi repo, but my grasp of git is 
not firm.  The situation is

 * gabrielsf's commits 404bf743 and 805b31cc to master made most autotests 
work.  I'd like to get them onto the release branch without complicating 
future merges of release to master.

 * I have MR 47 that I would like to merge to release and thence to master.

 * In my local repo's branch I cherry-picked gabrielsf's commits and changed a 
test.  I haven't pushed the test up to my fork of akonadi, but I'd like to get 
the change into release and master.

How should I proceed?

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