KDiff3 1.8.5 Release Notes

Michael Reeves reeves.87 at osu.edu
Fri Jan 22 23:22:45 GMT 2021

KDiff3 1.8.5 is now released.
It can be found at https://download.kde.org/stable/kdiff3/

MacOS X and Windows 64 bit binaries have also been released.

Known Issues/Limitations:

*As of this time binary comparison has been temporarily disabled due to 
stability concerns. I hope to have this back for the next major release.
*KDiff3 due to multiple design issues is extremely inefficient both in terms of 
speed and memory usage. This is a carry over from the old kde4 code base.
Work to fix this is being done in master but requires significant reworking.
*The windows contextual menu is not installing properly 


Fixes for this release:
    *History now works for remote urls.
    *BUG:417189 Fix url handling for drag and drop.
    *BUG:426823 Fix regression in handing paste from clipboard to blank diff 
    *Fix link detection via KIO
    *Drop custom event filter in OpenDialog. We now use FileNameLineEdit 
instead as in the main window.
    *Fix url/path handling bugs for remote files
    *Don't ignore stat errors unless it tells us the file was not found.
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