Plugin development - old library version keeps being used after recompiling

David Lerch alemariusnexus at
Sun Jan 17 00:58:57 GMT 2021

Hi Méven,

I have tried KDE_FORK_SLAVES=1 and it does seem to do something.
Ideally that should allow me to run Dolphin under gdb and then set
breakpoints in my plugin code on that same gdb instance, right? I
haven't had much luck getting gdb to break in my plugin code though.
I'm used to using the debugger in Eclipse IDE, but even with
"Automatically debug forked processes", that seems to just freeze the
debugger. I tried command line gdb instead (which I'm not very good
at) with various combinations of `set detach-on-fork` and `set
follow-fork-mode`, but gdb doesn't seem to pick up on breakpoints in
my plugin code, even when the code with the breakpoint is running.

Have you managed to get a debugger working in plugin code? If so, is
there anything special you have to configure for it to work?



Am Sa., 16. Jan. 2021 um 13:31 Uhr schrieb Méven <meven29 at>:
> Hi David,
> Yes there is a cache, so applications don't have to look for plugins on every launch.
> You can flush it with `kbuildsycoca5`.
> You may want to launch dolphin with `KDE_FORK_SLAVES=1 dolphin` to avoid forking the kio workers in separate processes.
> This can help debugging dramatically.
> Cheers,
> --
> Méven

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