Accessing a (sub)menu defined in an XmlGui ui.rc file

David Hurka david.hurka at
Wed Jan 13 22:53:20 GMT 2021

On Wednesday, January 13, 2021 10:39:48 AM CET Tobias Leupold wrote:
> Hi list :-)
> I have a problem with a KXmlGuiWindow and I honestly can't find respective
> docs or howtos/tutorials. I hope someone here can help me ...

I faced the same problem... :(

> It's a allegedly basic task: How can I access a submenu (or better: a
> submenu's QAction) for a menu defined in a ...ui.rc file?
> If I define the submenu like so:
>     <MenuBar>
>       <Menu name="foo" >
>         <Menu name="bar">
>           <text>Some text</text>
>           <Action name="someAction"/>
>         </Menu>
>       </Menu>
>     </MenuBar>

I probably don’t understand properly what you need. But if you want to modify 
the action which contains the menu "bar", you could use KActionMenu.

Change the ui.rc to:

      <Menu name="foo" >
        <Action name="bar"/>

then create a KActionMenu called "bar" in your KActionCollection, set its icon 
etc., and populate its menu.

Of course this moves UI definition from ui.rc to C++ code, but it looks like 
you want to modify the menu at runtime.

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