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Samuel Venable samuelvenable at
Thu Feb 25 18:30:53 GMT 2021


360 degree cylindrical panorama viewer - can be used graphically or from the command line


usage: [setenv] panoview [your-panorama.png] [your-cursor.png]

environment variables:

PANORAMA_XANGLE = initial xangle of the panoramic projection; any integer value from 0 to 360

PANORAMA_YANGLE = initial yangle of the panoramic projection; any integer value from -90 to 90


[select your panorama]<>

[view panoramas in 3D]<>

It's a requirement for this to be hosted using Free Software tools (e.g. not on Github). I have no idea what this means, if you could tell me a better place to host it so we can get on with this process I'd be grateful. Also, I am the only developer / contributor of this project. I have no one who is interested in helping with it, but I don't really find it necessary to have an entire development team over a project this small in scale. I hope this doesn't automatically disqualify me from publishing.

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