QToolButton not displayed correctly on KDE

Aaron Dewes aaron.dewes at web.de
Tue Feb 16 06:29:40 GMT 2021

Thank you for your reply!

I'm sure it's being loaded correctly. I already tried using a QPixmap, a
local file, and replaced the Close Tab button (Which works) with that icon.

>> m_newTabAction->setIcon(QIcon(QLatin1String(":graphics/addtab.png")));
> First guess: The Breeze icon engine (which enables color schemes to recolor
> monochrome icons) can not handle Qt ressource paths. Did you try to install
> the image as ordinary file, and use that file as icon?
> If that is the problem, a workaround could be to load the ressource through
> QPixmap instead of QIcon.
> Or are you sure that the icon is loaded correctly, and just the QToolButton
> does not show it?

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