New question on the KDE application for 2021 GSoC

Valorie Zimmerman valorie.zimmerman at
Sun Feb 14 07:13:10 GMT 2021

The question is, how many of your 2020 GSoC students have been active in
your community in the past 60 days?

As a reminder, these are our students last year. If you know that one of
these students has been recently contributing, or you are one of these
students recently contributing (it does not have to be coding -- it can be
any contribution to KDE) please reply and star the person's name. Rather
than "reply all," please reply directly. I'll post a response in a few days
with the number of students.

Krita: L. E. Segovia, Saurabh Kumar, *Sharaf Zaman, Ashwin Dhakaita

Gcompris: Deepak Kumar, Shubham Mishra

Digikam: Nghia Duong, R Kartik

Cantor: Nikita Sirgienko, Shubham

Kirogi: Kitae Kim

KDE Connect: Aniket Kumar

Kstars: Paritosh Sharma

KDE websites, Anuj Bansal

marK: Jean Lima Andrade

KMyMoney: Prasun Kumar

WikiToLearn: Davide Briani

QtQuickControls: Agisilaos Kounelis

Kdenlive: Sashmitha Raghav

ROCS: Dilson GuimarĂ£es

Akonadi: Shashwat Jolly



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