Broken build for Alkimia

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                       Hi Ben, 
thanks for this pointer.
The changes in master were related to the remove of kdelibs4support, which has been requested recently by Thomas Baumgart. Unfortunally with the removal of kdelibs4support and the fact that alkimia still depends on WebKit because QWebEngine suppport is experimental, there is now a dependency to libKF5WebKit required, which seems to not been added to the build system.
As quick resolve I can see adding that dependency as one solution,  another other would be that I revert my changes and got back to kdelib4support and the third options is to switch to the experimental QWebEngine support, by adding -DBUILD_WITH_WEBENGINE=1 to the cmake configure line.

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 Betreff: Broken build for Alkimia

Hi Ralf and Dawid,
Recently you both made commits/merged in a series of changes to 'Akimia' which has resulted in it's CI builds failing now on all platforms.
If you could please correct these failures that would be appreciated - they are currently causing Dependency Builds to fail, which means no changes may be made to any part of the CI system (otherwise the entire system is broken for everyone)

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