Call for Mentors (and Admins) for Season of KDE 2021

Carl Schwan carl at
Sat Oct 24 12:44:10 BST 2020

Le mardi, octobre 13, 2020 2:01 PM, Adriaan de Groot <groot at> a écrit :

Hi Adriaan,

sorry for the late answer. It looks like I missed this mail.

> On Thursday, 10 September 2020 16:11:08 CEST Caio Jordão Carvalho wrote:
> > As discussed in the SoK/GSoC BoF that we had yesterday, our plan is
> > to start the next edition of Season of KDE soon. But first we need to
> > include
> > some ideas in our ideas page and, most importantly, we need mentors! So
> I couldn't tell if SoK was moving forward or likely to happen this year, but
> since I wrote up a bunch of starter-issues for Calamares (close-to-a-KDE-
> project) for Hacktoberfest (not-a-KDE-activity) which also fit the SoK theme,
> I did the following:
> -   updated SoK wiki front ( to mention 2021
> -   added a general About page
> -   added Calamares projects (there's a dozen hacktoberfest issues available,
>     all of which are also suitable SoK things)

Thanks a lot for this :) We are still looking for mentors so if anyone has a
bit of time and good ideas of potential projects, please consider mentoring for
SoK 2021.

>     I did not:
> -   even try to update (because Drupal, so it's not
>     something I think I can reach)

A new website was created during GSoC and I should really start deploying it.
I will let the mailing lists know then this is done.

>     The s.k.o site makes it look like December 2019 is in the future, which is
>     kind of confusing. It'd be better to have it showing, say, the text "SoK 2020
>     is over, we're collecting ideas for 2021, the fancy JavaScript wheel-calendar-
>     thingy is switched off but take a look at the Wiki for now" so it's clear
>     where we're at.
>     [ade]

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