Introducing KGeoTag, a KDE photo geotagging program

Tobias Leupold tobias.leupold at
Mon Oct 19 17:30:22 BST 2020

Hi Albert!

Thanks a lot for your reply and your input!

> Can you control Marble's widget right mouse button menu, it's a 
> bit confusing to have all those options that don't really seem 
> related to KGeoTag.

It was quite not trivial to outwit MarbleWidget (Marble's API is a bit odd
sometimes), but now, we have a context menu with only a few meaningful
checkable floaters to toggle, along with an option to show or hide the map
center crosshairs.
That's what it was about: A possibility to hide the default floaters if one
doesn't need them. The rest (like routing etc.) is actually not used by
KGeotag and should consequently not be showed.
> Loading 1 image (without coords) and choosing "Assign images 
> interpolated" crashes here.

Thanks for finding this ;-) Fixed with commit 78932011. This didn't depend 
the number of loaded photos, but happened if one tried to do an 
association without geodata being loaded (due to an inconsiderate use of

>> Finally, all coordinates can be set or corrected manually by dragging and
>> dropping the images directly on the map. This is also possible 
>> without loaded
>> geodata.
> Could you think another way to set the coordinates that doesn't 
> involve dragging and dropping images into the map? Knowing what 
> the app was about i had to come back to this email and read it 
> in more detail to figure out how to set the coordinates of a 
> photo, so maybe it's not the most usable way.
> What i tried was double clicking in an image in the "Unassigned 
> images" list and also right clicking on it. I think i was 
> expecting that double clicking/right clicking would offer a "set 
> coordinates to the center of the marble map" option, after all 
> it has that X marker, but feel free to ignore me, i'm not an 
> expert in user design :)

Me neither ;-) KGeoTag now offers the option to assign an image with the
coordinates of the current map center via the context menu. The map is now
only centered to the selected image if the image is clicked or selected by
the arrow or page up/down keys. When dragging the image or invoking the
context menu, the map stays at it's last position.

> I think it's a great tool, i have lots of pictures without 
> geotagging, and i'm never going to get around to fix it because 
> i'm lazy, but if i would this is really the tool i'd like to use 
> :)

Thanks for the commendation ;-)

Cheers, Tobias

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