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Sun Oct 18 22:38:05 BST 2020

hey johan,
thank you for your answer!

i did take a look at kscreen and actually found 2 entries - i don't know
where the second one is coming from..

so i removed everything in the kscreen directory.. rebooted and then
created a new image
first it looked like this fixed the problem but then... after 14 reboots of
the virtual machine it loaded the default plasma settings again :-(
"desktop containment" was rewritten to an empty "folder view" and noone
knows why this happens...

another look at "kscreen" inside of the VM showed that a new element was
created "name":"Virtual1"   - but this element is created every single time
and everything works as expected... except when it doesn't ;-)

so i guess this should not be the problem

cheers thomas

On Fri, Oct 16, 2020 at 5:41 PM Johan Ouwerkerk <jm.ouwerkerk at>

> On Wed, Oct 14, 2020 at 9:01 PM Thomas Weissel <valueerror at>
> wrote:
> >
> > the project "life-exam" strongly relies
> on the features and capabilities of plasmashell.
> > the kiosk system is at the heart of the project and the sheer number of
> configuration options this shell provides makes all of this possible in the
> first place.
> > so at first, i want to say thank you!
> >
> > sometimes i run into a bug and because you have helped me iron out many
> of those bugs before i'm trying again - cause this time this bug is a
> showstopper.
> > (it happens not just at first boot but when students switch into the
> exam environment too)
> >
> >
> >
> > for no reason plasmashell randomly RECONFIGURES a perfectly fine setup.
> but not the entire setup - it switches from "desktopcontainment" to
> "folder" and all widgets and the wallpaper are lost..
> > usually those widgets are preserved (at least on a manual switch) .. it
> does not create a new activity.. the "default" activity - even the activity
> icon is still the "original"
> >
> >
> A similar (maybe identical) thing used to drive me nuts on this Debian
> unstable system. I eventually traced it back to kscreen getting
> confused about the proper display configuration, which led it to feed
> a new (fresh) config to KDED/Plasma which in turn would respond with
> some 'helpful' defaults that effectively reset my preferences. The
> system would make a mess of the following configuration:
>  - What the "primary" screen should be
>  - What the resulting geometry/layout should be
>  - In general, the logical ordering of displays (i.e. is the HDMI
> connection considered to be display 0, 1, or 2?)
>  - And what my preferred desktop containment, background etc. should
> be for the affected displays
> This seemed to be related to the question of which one of HDMI,
> DisplayPort or internal display (eDP) would be probed and found first.
> That order isn't inherently stable and apparently it would confuse the
> kscreen stack. For context: I have a multi-monitor setup with a laptop
> (so on eDP display) and two identical monitors (one connected via HDMI
> the other via DisplayPort).
> I'm no longer certain which of the following actions eventually helped
> to 'fix' that:
>  - At a certain point I removed the entire ~/.local/share/kscreen/
> directory
>  - Upgrading various components. Currently I'm running kscreen 5.17,
> plasma-desktop 5.14
> Hope it helps.
> Regards,
> - Johan Ouwerkerk
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