Not able to take screenshots with KDE Plasma 5.20.80

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Seems to be related to this change here

Also, I see the same error when using org.freedesktop.portal.Screenshot which requires already confirmation by default so I'm bit confused why both, authorization and confirmation? Also, looking quickly through the discussion I haven't found any clue how a non KDE application could get access to those screenshot interfaces.

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one of my users informed me that he's not able to take screenshots with KDE Plasma Wayland anymore. I've just tested myself, with Plasma 5.19.5 everything is working, with Plasma 5.20.80, it's not. My application supports two ways of taking screenshots under KDE Plasma, one is using "org.kde.kwin.Screenshot" like Spectacle and the other is using "org.freedesktop.portal.Screenshot". Interesting is that both stopped working with 5.20.80 but Spectacle seems to be able to take screenshot still. My imageGrabber that uses "org.kde.kwin.Screenshot" is basically a copy of Spectacles imageGrabber, so I'm wondering why it works for Spectacle and not for my application.

Looking at the dbus-monitor sessions, I've notices an error saying:
error_name=org.kde.kwin.Screenshot.Error.NoAuthorized reply_serial=32 string "The process is not authorized to take a screenshot"

That's something new. How can a process be authorized to take screenshots?


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