stale MR triaging - you can help!

Harald Sitter sitter at
Tue Oct 13 14:53:10 BST 2020


As promised in a previous mail I've set up a system that helps us find
stale MRs to ensure patches don't fall by the wayside.

Lists are filed as issues on invent. To help out you can hit the bell to
subscribe to `New issue` events at

First list of stale MRs here:

To deal with a stale MR you'll want to check the box and either make
sure someone takes a look at the MR (e.g. by @mentioning someone who may
have experience) or doing the review yourself.

Unlike previously described I've refined the behavior a bit:

a) MRs are not linked but listed with verbatim url, it sucks a bit but
it prevents MRs from updating due to the back-reference an actual
mention would cause
b) stale MRs are now MRs that have not seen activity within 4 weeks (up
from 2 - was woefully too short a time frame)
c) MRs without subscribers after 2+ weeks are recorded separately
d) MRs without subscribers after 1+ week where the author is not a KDE
dev are also recorded (currently a bit bugged as it turns out)

The motivation with c and d is to prevent MRs from going stale to begin
with, ideally anyway.


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