KDE Frameworks 5.75.0 released

David Faure faure at kde.org
Sat Oct 10 14:24:16 BST 2020

10th October 2020. KDE today announces the release of KDE Frameworks 5.75.0.

KDE Frameworks are 83 addon libraries to Qt which provide a wide
variety of commonly needed functionality in mature, peer reviewed and well
tested libraries with friendly licensing terms. For an introduction see


  [AdvancedQueryParser] Relax parsing of string ending with parentheses
  [AdvancedQueryParser] Relax parsing of string ending with comparator
  [AdvancedQueryParser] Fix out-of-bound access if last character is a comparator
  [Term] Replace Term::Private constructor with default values
  [BasicIndexingJob] Shortcut XAttr retrieval for files without attributes
  [extractor] Fix document type in extraction result
  Relicense file to LGPL-2.0-or-later


  Add rfkill property to manager
  Add status property to rfkill
  Register Rfkill for QML
  Export Rfkill
  Support providing service data values for LE advertisements

Breeze Icons

  Add new generic "behavior" icon
  Make icon validation depend on icon generation only if enabled
  Replace 24px icon bash script with python script
  Use flag style iconography for view-calendar-holiday
  Add Plasma Nano logo
  Add application-x-kmymoney
  Add KMyMoney icon

Extra CMake Modules

  fix fetch-translations for invent urls
  Include FeatureSummary and find modules
  Introduce plausibility check for outbound licenes
  Add CheckAtomic.cmake
  Fix configuring with pthread on Android 32 bit
  add RENAME parameter to ecm_generate_dbus_service_file
  Fix find_library on Android with NDK < 22
  Explicitly sort Android version lists
  Store Android {min,target,compile}Sdk in variables

KDE Doxygen Tools

  Licensing improvements
  Fix api.kde.org on mobile
  Make api.kde.org a PWA


  Relicense file to LGPL-2.0-or-later


  use new install var (bug 415938)
  Mark David Edmundson as maintainer for KAuth


  Relicense file to LGPL-2.0-or-later


  Remove handling for inside events from tab hack (bug 423080)


  Relicense files to LGPL-2.0-or-later


  CMake: Also set SKIP_AUTOUIC on generated files
  Use reverse order in KDesktopFile::locateLocal to iterate over generic config paths


  Fix isDefault that cause the KCModule to not properly update its default state
  [kcolorscheme]: Add isColorSetSupported to check if a colour scheme has a given color set
  [kcolorscheme] Properly read custom Inactive colors for the backgrounds


  Remove obsolete license file for LGPL-2.0-only
  Relicense files to LGPL-2.0-or-later


  KJob: emit result() and finished() at most once
  Add protected KJob::isFinished() getter
  Deprecate KRandomSequence in favour of QRandomGenerator
  Initialize variable in header class + const'ify variable/pointer
  harden message-based tests against environment (bug 387006)
  simplify qrc watching test (bug 387006)
  refcount and delete KDirWatchPrivate instances (bug 423928)
  Deprecate KBackup::backupFile() due to lost functionality
  Deprecate KBackup::rcsBackupFile(...) due to no known users


  Relicense files to LGPL-2.0-or-later


  QML for I18n are added in KF 5.17
  Relicense files to LGPL-2.0-or-later
  Block shortcuts when recording key sequences (bug 425979)
  Add SettingHighlighter as a manual version of the highlighting done by SettingStateBinding

KDELibs 4 Support

  KStandardDirs: always resolve symlinks for config files

KHolidays #

  Uncommented description fields for mt_* holiday files
  Add national holidays for Malta in both English (en-gb) and Maltese (mt)


  Relicense file to LGPL-2.0-or-later


  KUrlNavigator: always use "desktop:/" not "desktop:"
  Support DuckDuckGo bang syntax in Webshortcuts (bug 374637)
  KNewFileMenu: KIO::mostLocalUrl is useful with :local protocols only
  Deprecate KIO::pixmapForUrl
  kio_trash: remove unnecessarily strict permission check (bug 76380)
  OpenUrlJob: handle all text scripts consistently (bug 425177)
  KProcessRunner: more systemd metadata
  KDirOperator: don't call setCurrentItem on an empty url (bug 425163)
  KNewFileMenu: fix creating new dir with name starting with ':' (bug 425396)
  StatJob: make it clearer that mostLocalUrl works only with :local protocols
  Document how to add new "random" roles in kfileplacesmodel.h
  Remove old kio_fonts hack in KCoreDirLister, hostname was stripped incorrectly
  KUrlCompletion: accommodate ":local" protocols that use hostname in url
  Split code of addServiceActionsTo method into smaller methods
  [kio] BUG: Allowing double-quotes in open/save dialog (bug 185433)
  StatJob: cancel job if url is invalid (bug 426367)
  Connect slots explicitly instead of using auto-connections
  Make filesharingpage API actually work


  AbstractApplicationHeader: anchors.fill instead of position-dependent anchoring
  Improve look and consistency of GlobalDrawerActionItem
  Remove form indent for narrow layouts
  Revert "allow customize the header colors"
  allow customize the header colors
  Add missing @since for the painted area properties
  Introduce QtQuick Image style paintedWidth/paintedHeight properties
  Add a placeholder image property to icon (in the style of fallback)
  Remove Icon's custom implicitWidth/implicitHeight behavior
  Guard potentially-null pointer (turns out to be surprisingly common)
  protected setStaus
  Introduce status property
  Support ImageResponse and Texture type image providers in Kirigami::Icon
  Warn people not to use ScrollView in ScrollablePage
  Revert "always show separator"
  make mobilemode support custom title delegates
  Hide breadcrumbs separator line if buttons layout is visible but 0 width (bug 426738)
  [icon] Consider icon invalid when source is an empty URL
  Change Units.fontMetrics to actually use FontMetrics
  Add Kirigami.FormData.labelAlignment property
  always show separator
  Use Header colors for desktop style AbstractApplicationHeader
  Use the context of the component when creating delegates for ToolBarLayout
  Abort and delete incubators when deleting ToolBarLayoutDelegate
  Remove actions and delegates from ToolBarLayout when they get destroyed (bug 425670)
  Replace use of c-style pointer cast in sizegroup
  binary constants are a C++14 extension
  sizegroup: Fix enum not handled warnings
  sizegroup: Fix 3arg connects
  sizegroup: Add CONSTANT to signal
  Fix a few cases of using range loops on non-const Qt containers
  Constrain button height in global toolbar
  Display a separator between breadcrumbs and the icons to the left
  Size ApplicationHeaders using the SizeGroup
  Introduce SizeGroup
  Fix: make refresh indicator appear above list headers
  put overlaysheets over drawers


  ignore sourceDataChanged on invalid indexes
  Support for KDescendantProxyModel "collapsing" nodes


  Manually track the life cycle of our kpackage runner internals
  Update versions for "fake" kpackage updates (bug 427201)
  Do not use default parameter when not needed
  Fix crash when installing kpackages (bug 426732)
  Detect when the cache changes and react accordingly
  Fix updating of entry if version number is empty (bug 417510)
  Const'ify pointer + initialize variable in header
  Relicense file to LGPL-2.0-or-later
  Accept suggest takeover of maintainership


  Lower Android plugin until new Gradle is available
  Use Android SDK versions from ECM
  Deprecate KNotification constructor taking widget parameter

KPackage Framework

  Fix DBus notifications when installed/updated
  Relicense file to LGPL-2.0-or-later


  Install krop & krwp servicetype definition files by file name matching type


  Avoid binding loop inside Legend
  Remove check for GLES3 in SDFShader (bug 426458)


  Add matchRegex property to prevent unnecessary thread spawning
  Allow to set actions in QueryMatch
  Allow to specify individual actions for D-Bus runner matches
  Relicense files to LGPL-2.0-or-later
  Add min letter count property
  Consider XDG_DATA_HOME env variable for template install dirs
  Improve error messages for D-Bus runners
  Start to emit metadata porting warnings at runtime


  bring back disableAutoRebuild from the brink (bug 423931)


  [kateprinter] Portaway from deprecated QPrinter methods
  Don't create temporary buffer to detect mimetype for saved local file
  avoid hang due to dictionary and trigrams loading on first typing
  [Vimode]Always show  a-z buffers in lower case
  [KateFadeEffect]emit hideAnimationFinished() when a fade out is interrupted by a fade in
  ensure pixel perfect border even for scaled rendering
  ensure we overpaint the border separator over all other stuff like folding highlights
  move separator from between icon border and line numbers to between bar and text
  [Vimode]Fix behavior of numbered registers
  [Vimode]Put deleted text to the proper register
  Restore behavior of find selected when no selection is available
  no further LGPL-2.1-only or LGPL-3.0-only files
  re-license files to LGPL-2.0-or-later
  use not needed set method for some theme colors
  5.75 will be once incompatible, default to 'Auto Color Theme Selection' for themes
  alter scheme => theme in the code to avoid confusion
  shorten proposed license header to current state
  ensure we always end up with some valid theme
  improve Copy... dialog
  fix more new => copy naming
  add some KMessageWidget that hints for read-only themes to copy them, rename new => copy
  disable editing of read-only themes
  saving of highlighting specific style overrides works, only diffs are saved
  simplify attribute creation, transparent colors are now properly handled in Format
  try to limit export to changes attributes, this halfway works, but we still export the wrong names for included definitions
  start to compute the 'real' defaults based on current theme and formats without style overrides for the highlighting
  fix reset action
  storing of syntax specific overrides, at the moment just all stuff that got loaded into the tree view is stored
  start to work on syntax highlighting specific overrides, at the moment, show just the styles a highlighting really has itself
  allow default style changes changes to be saved
  allow color changes to be saved
  implement theme export: simple file copy
  no highlighting specific import/export, makes no sense with new .theme format
  implement .theme file import
  theme new & delete work, new will copy the current theme as start point
  use theme colors everywhere
  rip out more old schema code in favor of KSyntaxHighlighting::Theme
  start to use the colors as set by the theme, without own logic around this
  initialize m_pasteSelection and increase UI file version
  add shortcut for paste mouse selection
  avoid setTheme, we just can pass our theme to the helper functions
  fix tooltip, this will just reset to theme default
  export default styles configuration to json theme
  start to work on theme json export, activated by using the .theme extension in the export dialog
  rename 'Use KDE Color Theme' to 'Use Default Colors', that is the actual effect
  don't ship empty 'KDE' theme by default
  support automatic selection of right theme for current Qt/KDE color theme
  convert old theme names to new ones, use new config file, transfer data once
  move font config to appearance, rename scheme => color theme
  remove hardcoded default theme name, use KSyntaxHighlighting accessors
  load fallback colors from theme
  don't bundle embedded colors at all
  use right function to lookup theme
  editor colors are now used from Theme
  use the KSyntaxHighlighting::Theme::EditorColorRole enum
  handle Normal => Default transition
  first step: load theme list from KSyntaxHighlighting, now we have them already as known schemes in KTextEditor


  Use uppercase for Fuel Efficiency


  Don't cache QList::end() iterator if erase() is used


  kviewstateserializer.cpp - crash guards in restoreScrollBarState()


  Relicense files to be compatible with LGPL-2.1


  [kmainwindow] Don't delete entries from an invalid kconfiggroup (bug 427236)
  Don't overlap main windows when opening additional instances (bug 426725)
  [kmainwindow] Don't create native windows for non-toplevel windows (bug 424024)
  KAboutApplicationDialog: avoid empty "Libraries" tab if HideKdeVersion is set
  Show language code in addition to (translated) language name in switch application language dialog
  Deprecate KShortcutsEditor::undoChanges() in favour of new undo()
  Handle double close in main window (bug 416728)

Plasma Framework

  Fix plasmoidheading.svgz being installed to the wrong place (bug 426537)
  Provide a lastModified value in ThemeTest
  Detect that we are looking for an empty element and quit early
  Make PlasmaComponents3 Tooltips use the typical tooltip style (bug 424506)
  Use Header colors in PlasmoidHeading headers
  Change PC2 TabBar highlight movement animation easing type to OutCubic
  Add support for Tooltip color set
  Fix PC3 Button/ToolButton icons not always having the right color set (bug 426556)
  Ensure FrameSvg uses lastModified timestamp when using cache (bug 426674)
  Ensure we always have a valid lastModified timestamp when setImagePath is called
  Deprecate a lastModified timestamp of 0 in Theme::findInCache (bug 426674)
  Adapt QQC2 import to new versioning scheme
  [windowthumbnail] Verify that the relevant GLContext exists, not any
  Add missing PlasmaCore import to ButtonRow.qml
  Fix a few more reference errors in PlasmaExtras.ListItem
  Fix error for implicitBackgroundWidth in PlasmaExtras.ListItem
  Call edit mode "Edit Mode"
  Fix a TypeError in QueryDialog.qml
  Fix ReferenceError to PlasmaCore in Button.qml


  Also use highlight text color when checkDelegate is highlighted (bug 427022)
  Respect scrollbar click to jump to position setting (bug 412685)
  Don't inherit colors in desktop toolbar style by default
  Relicense file to LGPL-2.0-or-later
  Use header colors only for header toolbars
  Move color set declaration to a place where it can be overridden
  Use Header colors for Desktop style ToolBar
  add the missing isItem property necessary for trees


  Downgrade trigrams output

Syntax Highlighting

  AppArmor: fix regexp of paths detection
  AppArmor: update highlighting for AppArmor 3.0
  color cache for rgb to ansi256colors conversions (speeds up markdown loading)
  SELinux: use include keywords
  SubRip Subtitles & Logcat: small improvements
  generator for doxygenlua.xml
  Fix doxygen latex formulas (bug 426466)
  use Q_ASSERT like in remaining framework + fix asserts
  rename --format-trace to --syntax-trace
  apply a style to regions
  trace contexts and regions
  use editor background color by default
  ANSI highlighter
  Add copyright and update separator color in Radical theme
  Update separator color in the Solarized themes
  Improve color of separator and icon border for Ayu, Nord and Vim Dark themes
  make separator color less intrusive
  import Kate schema to theme converter by Juraj Oravec
  more prominent section about licensing, link our MIT.txt copy
  first template for base16 generator, https://github.com/chriskempson/base16
  add proper license information to all themes
  Add Radical color theme
  Add Nord color theme
  improve themes showcase to show more styles
  adding gruvbox light and dark themes, MIT licensed
  Add ayu color theme (with light, dark and mirage variants)
  Add POSIX alternate for simple variable assignment
  tools to generate a graph from a syntax file
  fix auto-conversion of unset QRgb == 0 color to "black" instead of "transparent"
  Add Debian changelog and control example files
  add the 'Dracula' color theme

Security information

The released code has been GPG-signed using the following key:
pub rsa2048/58D0EE648A48B3BB 2016-09-05 David Faure <faure at kde.org>
Primary key fingerprint: 53E6 B47B 45CE A3E0 D5B7  4577 58D0 EE64 8A48 B3BB


David Faure, faure at kde.org, http://www.davidfaure.fr
Working on KDE Frameworks 5

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