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Sun Oct 4 03:34:58 BST 2020

Super cool stuff! Great work, Carl.


On 10/3/20 3:56 AM, Carl Schwan wrote:
> Hello folks,
> I'm happy to announce the successful deployment of the new identity system
> in KDE, codename MyKDE. The new identity system is now available in
> You should be able to login into the website
> with your normal KDE credential.
> For the moment, only the wikis are using MyKDE but in the comming months
> this should change with more and more services switching to MyKDE. I will
> let you all know of the progress of the migration.
> FAQ:
> ====
> Why the move?
> -------------
> is using OpenLDAP for user management with a small PHP
> frontend allowing the account creation. And we had the following problems
> with it:
> * Account removal is hard, requiring significant manual intervention and
> effort (several hours work in some instances)
> * Account registration takes 30 seconds or more to complete, creating a poor
> user experience
> * Groups don't scale effectively
> * Anti-spam measures are too crude
> More on that in
> Will my data be migrated?
> -------------------------
> Yes, your data are migrated just by login into MyKDE once. This will migrate
> all your group membership (KDE developer, Akademy Team, ...), personal
> data and password.
> For users who didn't log into MyKDE during the migration period. If you are
> a KDE developer or KDE e.V. member, your account will be imported as a
> disabled account and you will need to ask sysadmins to enabled it. For the
> rest of the users of who don't have a membership to groups,
> your account will be removed. We think this is the best solution because there
> is no need to store personal information that we don't need from users who
> don't use the system anymore. If you want to conserve your account (and
> username), please log at least once. We will send periodic emails reminding
> you of migrating your account.
> How do I register a new account in MyKDE?
> -----------------------------------------
> For the moment the possibility of registering a new account is disabled in
> MyKDE and the only possibility is to create an account and
> then migrate your account. This is due to the fact we don't want some
> accounts existing only in MyKDE. This will naturally change when we migrate
> fully to MyKDE.
> How to I collect a badge?
> -------------------------
> MyKDE has the possibility to grant badges to users. For the moment there is
> only one badge enabled: KDE developer. This badge is given to every KDE
> developer and is displayed on their public profile (if enabled). When the
> new Season of KDE website will be deployed, it will be also possible to have
> an SoK mentor and SoK mentee badge.
> I'm interested in ideas of new badges (and badge designs), so please let me
> know if you have a genius idea that doesn't gamify KDE contribution (e.g no made
> 100/1000/10 000 commits badge).
> Note that you are in control of that badge get displayed.
> What is the public profile functionality?
> -----------------------------------------
> One of the new features of MyKDE is the possibility to have a public profile.
> This public profile is opt-in, so you need to explicitly enable it to make
> it work and it can display a small bio, your avatar, name, username, social
> network account, Liberapay account, and badges earned.
> This is for example how it looks for me:
> Can I contribute to MyKDE?
> --------------------------
> Yes, the source code is hosted in
> and all the deployment information can be found here:
> Cheers,
> Carl Schwan

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