Regarding student proposal for SOK

Shubham Singh 007shubhamkumarsingh at
Sat Dec 19 03:14:55 GMT 2020

Hello, This is Shubham

I am a sophomore student who wants to get into open source development and
get to know and get mentored by some amazing developers. I think SOK is
exactly what I am looking for.

I looked into the instructions and projects, all of which I'm very excited
for but, it isn't clear to me how do I get started with making a top notch
proposal. Can I get some help from the team regarding this? What needs to
be in it, what are the developers in KDE are looking for in me. It will
greatly help me strengthen and secure my chances at KDE if I knew what the
contents of my proposal needs to be.

I know, It's too many questions but kindly helpful me out. Thank you in
advance for all the help provided.

Shubham Singh
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