Loren Burkholder computersemiexpert at
Thu Dec 17 03:16:45 GMT 2020

As far as disabling the Bible functionality is concerned, I think I have a solution in place. I have decided that it would be an extremely complex undertaking to make TotalReqall modular as far as content access and memorization methods are concerned (plus, the two are intertwined to the point that I don't think it would be practical to detach them into modules), but to my knowledge TotalReqall no longer needs any Bible modules to be installed. The Sword library will still need to be installed; however, Sword does not prepackage any modules (Bibles or otherwise), so I think that this could fit in the category of making the Bible part optional.

I'm still willing to provide a build option that would completely disable the Bible code, thereby rendering Sword unnecessary, although I think that in any "official" builds (i.e. any builds that end up in distro repos) should not have any features disabled. If the user objects to having Sword installed on their system at all, it isn't that hard to build your own copy with the Sword-specific code disabled.


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