Bug in QtAssistant HTML Rendering (QT Win source qt-win-3.3.x-8)

Dietmar Dreyer dietmar at toedter.de
Fri Sep 21 21:50:33 CEST 2007

Hi everyone,
I just downloaded and compiled the qt-win source package qt-win-3.3.x-8 and compiled it with
Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 using the corresponding QMAKESPEC win32-msvc2005.
All went very well, there were no compiler warnings or errors, but when I started QTAssistant,
it rendered all HTML files wrong, that contained code snippets, all other HTML files seemed to
be ok.
Does anybody know, what might cause a problem here?

When running, the following message has been issued:
QScriptEngine::heuristicSetGlyphAttributes: char length and num glyphs disagree

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