Problem with start og kde3.4 and cygwin 1.5.24

Douglas Allen kb9agt at
Wed Feb 7 16:58:40 CET 2007

Sorry about the link, they changed it and it had very good directions that I
used to get K Desktop to work.

If I can remember a little, then check these steps.
1. Put all the tarballs into your /home/youraccount  directory.
2. Unzip them from bash default cygwin start page. :Keep note of their names
and use tar /C -xjf.
3. Close all cygwin server apps and do something from command prompt
[drive:\cygwin] called rebase for the dll files. Sorry I can't tell you
exactly how to do this as the web page that showed us has moved or is gone
now. But it must be done by including all the folders that have the kde and
qt dll files. Hope this will help you some. Good luck.

On 2/7/07, Dietmar Immenhausen <Adresse.geheim at> wrote:
> Hello Douglas,
> when i start with "~/startkde &" i have the same probleme..
> Dietmar
> >Try using ~/startkde &                in your default cygwin bash first
> >
> >take a look at the snapshots page
> >here<>
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