KDE 3.4 on CYGWIN 1.5.19-4

Andreas Hennings ah456 at web.de
Wed May 10 16:25:00 CEST 2006


I tried to install CYGWIN with KDE 3.4 according to the manual on /snapshots/kde-cygwin/kde/kde3.4.

It's working but not very good.
So I'm not able to start system configuration under KDE 3.4 or Konqueror.
There is always the message "error loading module xxx" and "can't open module xxx".
It's possible to start KMail, Kontact, KOrganizer etc. but all "windows" had no border to close or to minimize.

I read that the cygwin version of 1.5.19-4 has some changes so it causes problems with KDE.
Older versions should work.
But I tried to install cygwin1.dll ver 1.5.18-1 but it doesn't work.
I was unable to start the bash. 

So can you help me?
What's necessary to work with KDE on CYGWIN?

Thank you,
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