Not to use the cygwin1.dll have to use the winsock.dll

Vijay Arasalingam vijay_aras at
Wed Sep 14 22:56:05 CEST 2005

  I have developed an api in C using cygwin libraries.  Now i dont want 
to use cygwin1.dll in my librarary.
I have developed an API which includes socket programming /sys/socket.h 
In my code,
I have added 
#ifdef WIN32
#include <winsock.h>
and rest of the header files.
I wanted to use -mno-cygwin option when compiling and linking.
when I compile I issue this command
gcc -c -mno-cygwin hello.c
when I link
gcc -o hello -mno-cygwin hello.o
it gives me error messages since it cannot find the socket related 
I dont want a dll dependency on cygwin1.dll.
How do i do this.  what should be done, any help is aprreciated.

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