Fwd: qtwin.sf.net hacked!

steven@poiema.org steven at poiema.org
Wed Nov 2 05:57:40 CET 2005

It looks like Sourceforge may have been the culprit in that it appears
they have been tightening security at the expense of convenience and

> Update: SF's web servers now mount project home directories as
> read-only, so even with the chmod, config will still be read-only.
> You can work around this by symlinking config to
> /tmp/persistent/projectname/config (which you'll have to create and
> chmod) so config can write LocalSettings.php. Update Update: It is
> now necessary to copy the entire folder into this tmp directory, not
> just config. another solution is to comment out the code under '/*
> Write out the config file now that all is well */' in
> config/index.php and insert the line 'echo 'save this to
> LocalSettings.php:</br><pre>'."<" . "?php$endl$local$endl?" .
> ">".'</pre>';' just above it. you will also need to comment out this
> if block 'if( !is_writable( "." ) ) {dieout( "<h2>Can't write config
> file, aborting</h2>"'. now, instead of writing the file to disk, it
> will output the needed file contents in the HTML document. you'll
> probably need to look at the code to see it (firefox).

That's really a tough deal... I wonder if there are any better options 
for providing opportunities for collaborative documentation like a wiki 
now??? Hmmm...

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