QBitmap problems

Chris January chrisjan at iomo.co.uk
Mon Jan 24 15:34:59 CET 2005

Upon further investigation, my original code for drawing Qbitmap's seems to
be more or less ok. There should be no need for a special case for
self-masking as this is handled by the existing code. Peter commented that
the test case I posted gave different results if you made the static
QBitmap's non-static. It seems that setting a mask for a QBitmap alters the
original QBitmap in some way. For example the following code:

Qbitmap copy = bm;
copy.setMask (somemask);
copy.setMask (QBitmap ());
painter.drawPixmap (QPoint (x, y), copy);

should behave the same as:

Qbitmap copy = bm;
painter.drawPixmap (QPoint (x, y), copy);

but at present it doesn't!

The problem appears to be in QPixmap.setMask rather than


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